Steven McDonald Cinematic Music

Composer and Producer

Composer and producer of

music for video games, films,

and other multimedia productions.

I'm a full-service composer and sound engineer - I write, record, and produce original music and sound effects for a huge variety of media, including Television, Films, Video Games, Radio, and whatever else you can dream up.

Original Music

Using a mixture of virtual instruments and live recording, I can produce music of incredible production value for your budget. This includes anything from simple guitar, piano and drums all the way to massive orchestras and choirs. Through my extensive work on Cable and Network Television shows, I've learned how to compose and produce in many genres, including hip hop, classical, indie rock, and much more. Several examples of my work can be found here sorted by genre.

I pride myself in my ability to do everything myself, keeping my cost of services low and efficient to match any production budget. If you're in need of custom music for your film, game, web series, or any other project, please contact me so we can discuss the project and work out a price that fits your budget!

Sound Design

Sound design often comes hand-in-hand with custom music, and it's tricky to find sound effects that are safe to use copyright-wise, so a good sound designer is crucial to most media projects. I offer sound design services including the recording, producing and mixing of original sound effects. Feel free to contact me so we can discuss your sound design needs and nail down price that sits within your budget!